Modelling Sponsorship


Bulldog Films is proud to sponsor Norwich based model Sophie Nicole Neale for Model of the Year 2016.  This is the 9th annual event bought to you by model and actress Kerri Parker - Founder of the Kerri Parker Academy.


Bulldog Films wishes Sophie good luck in the upcoming Norwich Heat which if succesful will see her enter the London grand final.



Update from Sophie 09/12/2015

I would like to say a HUGE thank you for sponsoring me, without you I would not of been able to enter the competition! I competed on Sunday 29th November, which already feels a lifetime ago- and I won 2 prizes:


'Best Fashion Model'


And I also won a place to compete INTERNATIONALLY! I was so, and still am, so shocked! Next year I will hopefully (if school allows) be travelling to China to represent the UK!


Without you it wouldn't of been possible! So thank you!!


Many Thanks,


Sophie x



Well done Sophie and good luck with the International competition.


From Matt at Bulldog Films.